About Iron Corse



Iron Corse, specialized in motorcycle gear, came into the world in 2022, after years of boundless passion for motorcycles and racing by Alessio Serra, its creator.


To the question: "What do you want to do in life?" he always replied: "Anything, as long as it is in the motorcycle field". From there, after a few years of amateur racing in California, the need to start directing his career towards the motorcycle world, and to support the track and street communities.


Italian by birth, and American entrepreneurial mentality, adopted by the experience in the US, Alessio decides to merge the two things, Italian style and business, into the two-wheeled world.


The idea is to create motorcycle suits, race and street gloves, street jackets and pants, all fully customizable. From the very beginning, the main goals are: ease of customization, affordable costs and short production times for the main products.


After evaluating the available options and putting a team together, the decision was made, it can be done: IRON CORSE is born!




Iron Corse simplifies the customization of racing and street motorcycle gear. Your motorcycle suit, street motorcycle jacket and pants, race or street gloves. Also all casual clothing for your team: custom t-shirts, sweaters and hats!


Totally devoted to your creativity, choosing your style, colors and sizes for technical clothing.

With Iron Corse, the Designer is... You! 


Our team is at your complete disposal to produce your gear and to make your dream come true!

Unlike the competition, we wanted to create a transparent experience, where all customizations offered are totally free, with zero surprises during the customization process or at the check out.

Prices for each gear are the initial ones, no additional production cost or additional fees!


Another requirement on which our team focuses is the duration of production and shipping: the Iron Corse suits have an estimated production time of approximately 2 weeks, depending on the level of customization. No more waiting for months to receive the gear you created!

From tailoring to the track.

From your mind to the road.




Iron Corse was created to satisfy even the most demanding customers, beating the competition on prices, quality, customization possibilities and production and delivery times!


Freedom to be inspired by the great champions, to dream and perform.

Our company offers an important service for all buyers of customized IRON CORSE products, such as Motorcycle Suit, Motorcycle Gloves, Motorcycle Jacket and Motorcycle Pants: when you push your limits further, an unexpected event can happen, although our gear is there for you. 


After any kind of inconvenience on the bike, if your suit, jacket or pants are damaged, you can contact our customer service by e-mail, and our CEO will help you with the estimate of the shipping and repair costs, so you will not have to buy another suit, but you can continue to use your creation, repaired by our professional Team.


Iron Corse is for you, IRON CORSE IS YOU!