List of products by brand IRON CORSE

Iron Corse

The IRON CORSE brand aims to be a leader in the market of custom motorcycle suits and motorcycle clothing in general.

The logo itself, if looked closely, represents the profile of a motorcycle enclosed by a circle. The "I" and the "R" next to each other, and the circle itself that reproduces the "O" and ends with an "N" almost in the form of a lightning bolt. The whole therefore represents the letters I-R-O-N with the following lowercase "corse" in the bottom right, outside the circle.

The Company also aims for a clean and minimalist style in regard to the visual impact of the logo, website, advertising, and so on.

In addition to the custom motorcycle suit which is the main product of the company, there are also motorcycle jackets, motorcycle pants and motorcycle gloves, all personalized and accessible to the public.

From here, the focus is on the future sale of motorcycle accessories and other products such as: t-shirts (oriented mostly to the Bike Teams, but open to all), custom sweatshirts, and a whole range of racing accessories.

IRON CORSE goal is to enter the racing world. The company was born mainly for motorcycle racing, as the company's motorcycle suits are oriented more towards an extreme and track style, but which can also achieve decisive success in the world of street motorcycles.

We also aim at the clientele of Sunday motorcyclists, and the suits, gloves and accessories are also suitable for the most varied road riding styles. From enduro to sports bikes.

The motocross protections and clothing are not yet available, but at IRON CORSE, we ensure that in the near future we will also expand in that direction.

Having very clear the market objectives and the niche in which the company will operate, we can focus on the price-quality ratio.

At the moment IRON CORSE ranks first in terms of quality-price ratio, in the customized motorcycle suits world.

In fact, it is not possible to have a racing or road suit, with all the possible customizations and combinations, and moreover customized sizes, for the same value as the IRON CORSE suits.

The suits are tested to protect against the most severe falls. The manufacturing industry ensures that the protections are suitable for use on the track, and at high speed, and also for use on the road.

All customized products guarantee maximum comfort, as they are adapted to each individual. Here is why: when ordering a customized IRON CORSE suit, the customer must complete a measuring process, which he will get done, possibly with the help of an additional person. The photo guide on the website makes everything much easier and less complicated than you might think.

Since the measurements are personalized and exclusive to each individual, all the inconveniences of a suit with standard measurements, which may not fit the motorcyclist, are avoided.

With these premises therefore, IRON CORSE is going to place itself in the world of racing and road bikes, and promises a future full of surprises as regards motorcycle clothing. Follow us on our social networks!